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Great question! Ok. Here is a very brief overview of what we do every day at FilTech-Woodland Inc. Whenever somebody invents a product in an industry or has an idea to do something related to producing products we get involved. Many times our customers will call us and we will take a concept of what they have in mind and build a one-of-a kind widget, or we might design and build an entire environmental system whereby we can provide a perfect temperature and humidity control in the area where workers assemble components or parts. One of our claims to fame is our ability to solve problems for customers by changing out antiquated equipment and putting in state-of-the-art high efficiency equipment in its place.

Each day we can expect our HVAC department to get calls from customers and prospective customers who have air conditioners, boilers, or direct digital controls that are not working. Our technicians will go out to the place of business and trouble-shoot the problem, make the needed repairs and get the customer up and running again.

In our precision machine shop we will take a drawing or sketch, and by programming our CNC machines or by using manual machine techniques, build some of the world’s most interesting and exacting parts.

  • Our parts have been to outer space and have been on battlefields.
  • Our parts and machining services have been used to build Honda’s, Mercedes, Toyota’s, Caterpillars, and rockets.

We build parts out of plastics as well as metal and hold tolerances that are pretty amazing in the process. If you can imagine a part or machine you want to invent or build, we most likely can take a concept or drawing and build it.

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