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Case Studies

  • Customer: Large Manufacturer
    Location: North Alabama

    During the heat of the summer, a large manufacturing company in North Alabama experienced a worst case scenario when their chilled water plant lost 1,600 tons of cooling capacity. Knowing that each day that passed was costing the company money in chiller rental fees, Pro-Air Services provided round-the-clock technicians to rebuild the equipment. After many long hours, Pro-Air Services had completed the job. The customer was thankful for the prompt service of the chilled water team of Pro-Air and now has a maintenance agreement.

  • Customer: Beltline Church of Christ
    Location: Decatur, Alabama

    Beltline Church of Christ in Decatur, Alabama has had a Pro-Air quarterly maintenance agreement for over eight years. The church had expected to have to replace their HVAC equipment sooner, but because of our maintenance services, the equipment has had an extended life period. The maintenance program has reduced capital costs for the church.
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